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You're getting  hitched?!

So you got engaged?!
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! This is such an exciting time!

I've always loved weddings. My Mom's side of the family is quite large so growing up I was going to family weddings quite often. In gr.10 I was the MC with my Mom at one cousins wedding! 

I'm now at the point where all of my friends are beginning to get married, which is how I originally got into doing bridal hair.

For 7 years now I have been quite busy with bridal hair and weddings, starting off with my friends, and quickly learning that I actually have a knack for doing updo's. 
I have done many classes to learn and perfect my techniques to ensure that you and your squad's style last the entire day! And just like anything else in this industry, the styles are constantly changing, which keeps me on my game and constantly learning! 


I mostly do on-location styling. Meaning that I travel to you on the morning of your wedding! I find this helps take some of the stress away from your already busy day. Your morning is spent relaxing with your bridal party and getting pampered. Instead of running around trying to make it to appointments and hoping everything will stay on schedule. I book off my entire day to ensure that I will be with you as long as you need me, usually up until you're just about to leave for your ceremony or pictures. And I always leave you with a little emergency bag with extra bobby-pins and hair spray, for when I'm not there. 

I do charge mileage when travelling outside of Saskatoon and an on location fee for in Saskatoon. I have my base Bridal party price list on the next page. If you have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me! Let's start planning for your big day!


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